A-Z of Dundee by John and Gerry Kielty (Scottish Tour)

A brand new anarchic, fast-paced, (and mostly true) history of Dundee

Alright - ye'll huv had yer Jute, yer Jam and yer Journalism; but whit about Robin Hood? Or Jack the Ripper? Believe it or not, the city of Dundee has affected the outside world in ways completely out of proportion to its size! Cowboys and Indians? Naw, it cannae claim tae huv invented the genre... but did ye ken that William Duncan of Lochee was one of Hollywood's first and greatest Stars? 

Everyone kens aboot Dennis and his dug... but whit about the Dundee School strike that inspired it? Famous Females like stargazer Willimina Fleming and Freethinking Feminist Frances Wright, along wi' mony a Great man from the cities illustrious past will feature in a Hilarious and heartfelt, Intriguing and alphabetical, Jam-packed Jaunt through some of the less well Kent tales from Dundee's Lore... Marra, Mill Workers and McGonagall aside... Mibbe ye' Never heard tell that the fearsome scourge Of the seven seas, the dreaded Pirate Captain Kidd started his days in Dunders? 

Quite possible no one telt ye it's where William Wallace bagged his first Sassenach? The result of (literally days) of extensive, painstaking Rigorous historical Sleuth work as well as some (quite possibly) Tenuous, Unsubstantiated and Very unlikely flights of fancy… Dundee Rep Will titillate, X-cite, illuminate and stimulate You through a roller coaster ride of music, mirth and merriment that is: A to Z of Dundee. Zoiks!!!

Tour Dates:

The Crescent | Whitfield
Tues 28 May

Kirkton Community Centre | Dundee
Wed 29 May

Forfar Reid Hall | Forfar
Thurs 30 May

Rio Community Centre | Newport
Fri 31 May & Sat 15 June

Murthly Village Hall | Murthly
Sat 1 June

Arbroath Webster Theatre | Arbroath
Tues 11 June

Kirriemuir Town Hall | Kirriemuir
Wed 12 June

Hilltown Community Centre | Dundee
Thu 13 June

Finmill Centre | Dundee
Fri 14 Jun

Montrose Town Hall | Montrose
Tue 18 June

Ardler Community Centre | Dundee
Wed 19 June

Menzieshill Community Centre | Dundee
Fri 21 June

Eassie and Nevay Hall | Eassie
Sat 22 June

Written by John and Gerry Kielty

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Start Date: Tuesday, 28 May, 2019

End Date: Saturday, 22 June, 2019

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