Last Ferry to Dunoon by Peter McDougall

Three characters sitting in a glass shelter on the pier during a blustery gale; waiting…

Each of them has a story to tell about each of the seaside towns on the Clyde coast that the ferries plied on their legendary summer trips, (doon the watter) heaving with city and town holiday day trippers; Milport, Wemyss Bay, Rothesay…

Through reminiscence of their stories, the three gradually reveal themselves to each other and… are they waiting to embark on the last Ferry to Dunoon; or for a person, to disembark, when it berths…

Peter McDougall is a multi award winning writer of film and television;

Prix Italia, BAFTA, Best Film, a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award…

His last film was Whisky Galore with Eddie Izzard and Gregor Fisher.

In this year, celebrating the 500th play, McDougall and close friend Willie Macilvanney, wrote the very first two plays, before there were seasons of them, for their other friend, the late David MacLennan….

The last ferry to Dunoon is Mc Dougall's seventh piece for Play Pie and a Pint.

Written by Peter McDougall

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Oran Mor

Start Date: Monday, 24 June, 2019

End Date: Saturday, 29 June, 2019

Address: Top of Byres Road, Glasgow G12 8QX

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