Rep Stripped

Rep Stripped is a new festival showcasing the best as-yet-unseen stories for the stage from Dundee and across the country in a stripped back, intimate environment.


Belleville Rendezvous (a work in progress) - Blood Of The Young

National Theatre of Scotland company-in-residence Blood of the Young (Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of), Daphne Oram's Wonderful World of Sound) come to play with a modern classic of French cinema.

Blood of the Young's take on this rip-roaring adventure story - full of bikes, gangsters, dogs, and one kick-ass Granny - comes with a live soundtrack of French pop covers as well as the company's usual blend of irreverent comedy, dynamic physicality, and inventive staging.

A History of Paper by Oliver Emanuel & Gareth Williams

It starts when she puts a rude note through his letterbox. Hello Number 4, this is Number 6. Please could you shut the **** up? Ta. He posts an apology and - because he loves paper - an origami rose. She is delighted. They meet, fall in love and get married.

Then one day a letter arrives that will change them, and the world, forever…

A musical love story about a man and a woman and the little bits of paper that can mean so much.


A curated evening of spoken word, poetry and live music across the building.

Love The Sinner - Imogen Stirling Poetry
Poetry navigating a cityscape of the extraordinary and un-extraordinary - exploring sin within a self-betterment obsessed society.

Hotchpotch Presents…
Were you put off poetry at school? Give Hotchpotch Presents… a chance to show you how exciting it can be.

Plus a ZIPPED secret act to be revealed on the night.

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Date and Location:

Dundee Rep

Start Date: Friday, 26 April, 2019

End Date: Friday, 26 April, 2019

Address: Tay Square, Dundee, DD1 1PB

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