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Twelve Twelve Theatre

A triple-bill of plays.

Then I Met You written by Katy Nixon

A play about friendship, love and blackmail set in Leith. Meet Barry Beats, a man of great misfortune and even greater delusions of grandeur. Manager of the world's only Fleetwood Mac hiphop cover band, his record label WhyElTee is going down the pan and his sanity is threatened by meddling teenage feminists Claire and Mary. We find Barry holding his life together by a bad-hair and attempting to win over the woman of his dreams: Leith's finest accountant and dominatrix, Patricia Hatemen.

Cast: Hamish Wyllie, Sean O'Brien, Deborah Whyte, Nicola Alexander, Rachel Robertson

Interventions written by Andy Robertson

A horrible breakup. Phil can't deal with it so he crawls into the bottom of a bottle. Any bottle, as long as it doesn't make him think. Unfortunately, he's got two best friends with the best of intentions and the worst of intelligence. Can Johnny and Callum bring Phil back down to Earth with the help from Lisa, the one woman he prayed never to see again. Some wise words from the three of them and a very handy tool hammer will

Cast: Andy Robertson, Andrew Jones, Mark O'Neill, Ania Myszkoswka

F***ing Cars written by Gemma McGinley

A headstrong smart car named Kelly must navigate the minefield of modern day relationships after almost running over a girl on the way to McDonalds with her best friend and driver, Boy.

Cast: Saskia Ashdown, Johnny Cameron, Hannah Louise Bradley, Sean O'Brien

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The Wee Red Bar

Start Date: Monday, 18 March, 2019

End Date: Thursday, 21 March, 2019

Address: ECA Main Building & Hunter Building, 74 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9DF

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