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Where are all the Playwrights in Dundee? Playwrights' Studio at Rep Stripped

Here's what happened during our day at Rep Stripped! #FlashbackFriday
Written by Rachael MacDonald at 00:00

Descent: Mental Health Awareness Week

Playwright Linda Duncan McLaughlin discusses dementia and mental health. Part of Mental Health Awareness Week.
Written by Linda Duncan McLaughlin at 00:00

A Gay Playwright, or a Playwright Who is Gay?

Playwright Alan Gordon talks about who has inspired him in Theatre.
Written by Alan Gordon at 00:00

So Long and Thanks for All the Plays

Jackie Crichton looks back on a busy two years with Playwrights' Studio, Scotland.
Written by Jackie Crichton at 00:00

IPG Scratches

IPG? No… it’s not the latest fashionable medical condition, but a nearly-funky acronym for the sober-sounding ‘Inverness Playwriting Group’.
Written by Phil Baarda at 00:00

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