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Héloïse Thual

Héloïse is a young playwright, writing both in French, her native language, and in English. She is particularly interested in tackling the issues regarding bisexuality, transsexuality and investigating the transgressive space between the archetypal notion of masculinity and femininity.

Her female characters are defined by what are seen as masculine attributes, their profession, their social and sexual behaviours. This aims to provoke the audience and engage them to rethink the relation between the natural dispositions of an individual and the cultural expectations attributed to him/her. 

Heloise started theatre as a performer in the semi-professional collaborative group ATRE, connected to the Opera of Lyon. Having to edit a range of texts for the stage, she fell in love with playwriting and decided to move to Glasgow in order to follow a Master's in Playwriting.

As a young playwright, she is looking for a professional perspective on her work, and detailed feedback to help her in her creative process. Having recently graduated from a Master's in Dramaturgy and Playwriting; she had the opportunity to meet different playwrights such as Sylvia Dow and Douglas Maxwell. These playwrights engaged with her work and supported her through the realisation of her previous play Bugs. Three scenes of this play have been performed at the Tron Theatre of Glasgow during the Young playwrights: beginning night on the 12th of July 2013. Being inside the preparatory workshop with the actors and the director was a thrilling experience, and gave her a taste of the role of the playwright during the production process.

Héloïse was a recipient of Playwrights' Studio, Scotland's New Playwrights Awards in 2015. 



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