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Rebecca Nada-Rajah

Rebecca Nada- Rajah is a writer, dancer and martial artist living in West Lothian.

Her first play,  The Constant k Determines the Ultimate Fate of the Universe, was written as a dissertation in the sciences at the Origins Research Institute at McMaster University and was first produced at the Pearl Company Theatre in Hamilton, Canada in June 2008.

She has been a part of the Traverse 50, Stella Polaris, The People Show, a film by Ruth Paxton, has trained at École Philippe Gaulier and is a recent recipient of The National Theatre of Scotland Breakthrough Playwriting Attachment.

Other talents include: gardening, cycle rickshaw driving, child minding, civil disobedience, plastering, bodyguarding, cleaning, acting, cooking, and artists' model. Available for hire in any of the above capacities. 

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