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Vlad Butucea

I wrote the first play when I was eight. It was about a cow and it became an instant hit among the first graders in my class. Or at least that's what I remember…

In 2011, I helped develop and translate World Space Modelling, a history of the bizarre sport of scale rocketry written by former world champion Ioan N. Radu.

The next year, I went on a mission to discover the roots of creativity in my home county. I conducted a series of interviews with local artists and other creative types, which were included in Carte despre minte, pricepere si indrazneala (Book About Mind, Skill and Courage).

But it was in my second year as a Media student in Glasgow Caledonian that I returned to fiction. I grew fond of screenwriting and, after one of my short film scripts was performed on stage at Glad Café's Write It, I understood how interesting and intriguing the stage can be.

Shortly after, I was offered a mentorship by Playwrights' Studio, Scotland, which is the exciting prospect that occupies my present.

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