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Frequently Asked Questions

I have previously applied for a New Playwrights Award but was not selected. Does this mean that my writing isn't what you're looking for? 

Playwrights' Studio is a development organisation for playwrights, so we are not looking for a  particular style of play or type of writing.  We welcome as many different ideas, stories and voices as possible.  

Selection is made by considering all the different criteria, not just your writing.  The criteria are:  

  • The originality and potential of your idea and your voice   
  • Your commitment to developing your playwriting skills and experience   
  • Your ability to receive feedback on your work, act on this feedback, and work independently on a project for a year   
  • How the New Playwrights Award will contribute to the development of your writing and your career   

It is very important that the recipients get the best possible experience from the programme, so do tell us as much as you can about your writing experience and how this opportunity  in particular will have an impact on your  craft.  

If you have applied before and still feel that a New Playwrights Award is an opportunity you would benefit from, do apply again, telling us how your writing and your career is progressing.  


I applied for the New Playwrights Award programme a number of times. It was difficult being rejected but it made me try harder and gain more experience in writing for the next year's application. The hard work more than paid off, I had a brilliant time working with a top class mentor and feel that my understanding of what it is to write a play has moved on a huge amount thanks to the award.  Andy McGregor

If I am not selected, will you provide feedback on my work?

Selection is made by considering all the different criteria, not just your writing.  Because of this, and the volume of applications we receive every year, we are unable to provide specific feedback on your writing or on your application. 

We provide a number of opportunities to receive feedback on your work during the year, including the ongoing National Script Reading Service and script surgeries provided, on an occasional basis, as part of our Public Workshop Programme.  Do make sure you're signed up to receive our e-news and you will receive information about script surgeries and any other opportunities for feedback. 

Can I apply for the Mentoring programme and a New Playwrights Award, at the same time?

As the two programmes offer different development opportunities to playwrights at different career stages, we cannot accept applications to both from the same applicant in the same year.   If you are unsure which to apply for, read the criteria and the FAQ sections of each Programme carefully. Be clear what you hope to gain from  the  Programme and this should help you decide which is most appropriate for your needs.  

What should I include in my writing extracts?   

We ask for writing extracts to give the selection panel a flavour of your writing. We are not expecting the extracts to be perfect. It is up to you to decide what you want to submit. Your extracts must come from stage plays.  The extracts must be from two different plays.  

The idea that you want to work on may not necessarily be written  yet so we aren't expecting that to be one of your extracts. However, if you have begun to write your idea, you are welcome to submit an extract from it.  

How will my mentor be chosen?  

For the New Playwrights Award recipients, your mentor will be one of our Associate Playwrights; Oliver Emanuel, Lewis Hetherington or  freelance mentor. For the Gaelic New Playwright Award, we will discuss this choice with you at the start of the programme. Your mentor will be an experienced professional playwright.  

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