Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a commission or a bursary to write a new play?

No.  As a playwright development organisation, we do not commission plays for production.  In addition, the funds available for these projects are significantly less than the current commission rate for a full-length (over 30 minutes) play in Scotland.  (The Scottish Society of Playwrights/Federation of Scottish Theatre agreed rate is between £5292.40 - £8820.33.)

You should, of course, include payment for yourself within the research or development process.  (The Scottish Society of Playwrights payment guidelines for a time-based approach is £120 - £300 per day.)

I am a writer from Scotland but I live outside of Scotland. Can I apply?

Your main residence must be in Scotland to be eligible to apply. Occasionally, we will be able to support playwrights from Scotland who are based elsewhere through other routes. For example, you may wish to be considered for our Professional Workshop Programme. Please contact us on 0141 332 4403 if you are in doubt. 

My proposal includes a rehearsed reading and I would like to invite an industry audience.  Is this possible?

Rehearsed readings can be a useful way to gain feedback from an audience as part of the development process. However, it is unlikely that we will prioritise proposals where the main objective is to 'showcase' your work through a rehearsed reading.  

I have never put together an outline of costs before. How do I do this?

We do not require a detailed budget from you. However, we do need to know how you would allocate the money should your application be successful.  Things to consider when putting together your outline: a daily fee as the writer attending your own workshops, travel for other artists, venue hire and childcare costs.

Playwrights' Studio pays recommended industry rates for writers, directors and actors.  Please contact Emma McKee, General Manager, at to discuss this further.

I don't have any other artists attached to the project yet. Will this affect my application?

This will not affect your application. Playwrights' Studio has a number of contacts for directors and actors experienced in working with new writing. We can also assist you with contracting other types of artists, e.g. choreographers, sound designers.

The timescale for my project has changed. What should I do?

If the timescale for your project changes, please contact Emma McKee as soon as possible to discuss this further. Because we have a number of ongoing projects, it is beneficial if these are spread throughout the year, so please don't feel pressure to schedule your project immediately if a date later in the year would be better for you.


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