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AJ Taudevin Thumb

AJ Taudevin

AJ Taudevin explored ways of communicating story, theme, and emotion in playwriting by drawing on techniques of traditional song. Gaelic, Arabic, and Romani song all use non-verbal sound to convey emotion in a way that is integral to the narrative - sounds which, while not functioning literally as language, carry clear meaning for the singer and audience. She began with a period of research into these traditions, followed by time exploring how a similar musicality and formal approach might be applied to the creation of a written play.
Alan McKendrick

Alan McKendrick

Alan McKendrick's project was an investigation and development of a piece of music theatre in the form of a road-movie-for-the-stage entitled Cadaver Police In The Electrocution Afterlife, conducted through a combined programme of solo research and writing periods interspersed with regular collaborative group workshop days, the latter featuring both musicians and actors.


Sue Glover

Sue Glover

Working alongside a director, actors and a composer or sound designer, Sue wished to explore how different kinds of music can shape the storyline; and how a soundscape could create a ship and an estuary in the confines of a theatre.
Kieran Hurley

Kieran Hurley

This project was an exploration into storytelling and collaboration and the work of a writer-performer in relation to playwriting. Working with theatre director Alex Swift, Kieran spent two weeks experimenting with multiple forms of storytelling, and the layering of many distinct stories into one solo performance. The aim was to explore how the process of devising and co-creation can inform the creation of a written play, experimenting with different possibilities for the writer's 'voice' in solo performance with a view to establishing a clear method and approach for future work.

Kieran's recent Fringe 2016 Production Heads Up was developed with support from Playwrights' Studio, Scotland through this Writers Project.


Sylvia Dow

Sylvia Dow

Slyvia's Writers Project supported an intensive three day workshop and investigation of the play-in-progress STUFF. She worked with four actors, a director, an opera singer with input from a psychologist. The project aims were to strengthen the writing, aid the development of a working draft, help ensure sensitivity and truth in regard to the central theme, and to offer a step forward to the writer, both in learning and career. 
Catrin Evans

Catrin Evans

Between 2014 and 2019 the UK will repeatedly commemorate and mark the First World War, whilst continuing to engage in conflicts across the globe. Catrin will use the support of the Writers Project to develop an Epic Poem for the stage, one that delves into society's historical and contemporary relationship with war and the military. Out in the Dark will be a journey through the landscapes of conflict, the experiences of those involved and an exploration of how the rhetoric and imagery of battle define what we remember and what we've been asked to forget.
Lewis Hetherington

Lewis Hetherington

Using fragments of writing and original music from Gazelle Twin to explore the possibilities of fusing dialogue with live music, Lewis and Gazelle Twin will create moments of intense intimacy through terse dialogue and then layered on expansive soundscapes created with synthesisers and haunting vocals. They created an experimental and thought provoking space where they could take risks and try to push themselves and each other as artists. The piece is rooted in the story Lewis has developed of a crack which appears across the surface of the earth and gradually gets wider and wider until it becomes a chasm. The text will explore the human stories of those who find their lives affected by the faultline. Gazelle Twin's live performance is the sound of this tear across the surface of the planet.
John McCann

John McCann

John's project, The Whysest Man in Scotland aimed to develop a performance inspired by the life and work of the late artist George Wyllie. John has been fascinated by the humanity, curiosity, wit, playfulness and politics of Wyllie ever since he saw a retrospective of his work in Glasgow's Mitchell Library in 2012. The questions Wyllie poses his audience, across several decades, are as relevant as ever. John collaborated with other theatre artists to develop a challenging and celebratory piece using song and puppetry, both of these are elements which John had not worked with before.


Alan Bissett

Alan Bissett

Alan's project supported the development of a new full length play written entitled Souness, about the career of the renowned footballer/manager Graeme Souness. Working with director Sacha Kyle, this play explores a significant period in recent Scottish - indeed British - cultural history, namely the arrival of Graeme Souness as player-manager of Glasgow Rangers FC in 1986 and the vast changes it heralded in Scottish society.  To emphasise the classical hubris of Souness's character - the Shakespearean rise and fall of his journey - the playscript was written in verse.
Rachael McGill Thumb

Rachael McGill

This Writers Project supported Rachael to work with actors, a director and a choreographer to find out whether naturalistic dialogue scenes and abstract visual worlds could co-exist effectively in one play.
Sandy Nelson Thumb

Sandy Nelson

Sandy developed a documentary play in collaboration with writer and theatremaker Gary McNair. The play's title is Hooray For All Kinds Of Things. This is the slogan of the Icelandic political party The Best Party headed by party leader Jon Gnarr - the subject of the play. Gnarr was for 20 years a TV comedian and standup comic in Iceland. In the light of the financial crisis in 2010 he embarked on a new project - running for mayor of Reykjavík.  

Hooray For All Kinds Of Things was part of the Spring 2015 season at A Play, A Pie and A Pint.


Iain Heggie Thumb

Iain Heggie

Iain received a Writers Project to develop his play Tragic. Part of the project involved working with actors on improvising the story of Hamlet into a monologue. 

With support from Creative Scotland, Tragic (When my Mother Married my Uncle), toured Scotland in Autumn 2014. 
Lynsey Murdoch

Lynsey Murdoch

This award allowed Lynsey to work with director/magician Ross MacKay and Astronomer Royal for Scotland, John Brown, on developing her script Escape Speed.  This play is about astronomy and is aimed at young teenage audiences.
Martin T Thumb

Martin Travers

Martin received a Writers Project to develop a new play for three female actors in real time with a focus on plot and character.


Martin O'Connor Thumb

Martin O'Connor

Martin's project involved dedicated research and development into issues of disability within Scotland and explored new ways of presentation and representation within contemporary Scottish Theatre.
R Drummond Thumb

Rob Drummond

Rob's project involved workshops and writing time with a director and actors to produce The Happy Lads, a Scottish version of The Steel Tower by Hideo Tsuchida. The Happy Lads received a rehearsed reading at Up Close 2013.
Paddy Cunnean Thumb

Paddy Cunneen

Paddy's project allowed him to work with the poet Don Paterson, OBE, to develop the language of a play, Heartwood. He then explored and developed the use of such language in performance.
Sandy Thomson Thumb

Sandy Thomson

Sandy's project enabled her to undertake a concentrated period of writing and research. She spent time collecting and recording oral histories and conversations with Jewish Klezmer musicians and their families in New York and Scottish musicians, storytellers and their families in Scotland.


Morna Pearson

Morna Pearson

This project allowed Morna to collaborate with Stadium Rock on the next phase of their The Marshmallow Test project. The Marshmallow Test was inspired by psychologist Walter Mischel's marshmallow experiment, conducted in 1972.


Ollie E Thumb

Oliver Emanuel

Oliver's project supported a translation and new version of Jan Sobrie's Belgian play, Titus, for the Scottish stage with dramaturgical assistance from director, Lu Kemp. Titus was produced and performed at the Imaginate Children's Festival in March 2012 and toured Europe.
Jo Clifford

Jo Clifford

Jo worked with the actor David Walshe and the director/voice coach Susan Worsfold to explore the connections between voicework and the creation of dramatic text; to see how finding her voice as a performer affects her using her voice as a writer; to use the process to create a show about spirituality and forbidden sexualities. This contributed to the production of Sex, Chips and the Holy Ghost at Oran Mor.


Lynda Radley Thumb

Lynda Radley

Lynda's project enabled a concentrated period of research towards a new project with Poorboy. Lynda explored innovative dramaturgical methodologies and took an in depth look at child protection issues.
Alan McKendrick

Alan McKendrick

The project afforded Alan the time and opportunity to create a series of short new dramatic texts. These texts had a series of accompanying original photographic images created for them by Tobias Feltus, with the work being publicly presented as a rolling slideshow with voiceover.

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