Scottish Borders Playwriting Programme 2017

In 2017, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland launched a workshop programme for playwrights in the Scottish Borders. The aim of the programme is to provide a forum for writers to learn, grow and develop their work in the region, actively supported by Playwrights' Studio and Scotland's wider playwriting community.

Led by Hawick-born playwright Jules Horne, the monthly workshops form a practical toolkit covering topics such as conflict, status, secrets, objects, dramatic irony, reversals, rhythm, character arcs, and other vital cornerstones of the dramatist's craft.

July 2017


Monday 3 July, the Scottish Borders Playwriting group met for their first session with Jules Horne. Fiona Sturgeon Shea, Creative Director and Rona Munro, Chair of Playwrights' Studio, Scotland, were also in attendance.

Images by Alwyn Johnston

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August 2017

Edinburgh Festival

On Tuesday 22 August, the group travelled to Edinburgh, where they took part in a Finding Inspiration  workshop led by Associate Playwright Lynda Radley. Later in the afternoon, they joined the annual celebration of the playwrights at the Edinburgh Festival. In the evening the group met with playwright Frances Poet before attending a performance of her Fringe First award-winning play Adam.

Images by Hayley Sinclair

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